Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wolverine v. Gambit

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan. Wolverine is the reason I keep going back for more X-men.
Origins was no different. I settled in to enjoy my bad-boy dose for the day and WHAM--- half way through I was hit with one hunky ragin' cajun.

Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) played by Taylor Kitsch - had me dreaming of New Orleans and card games for days afterward. Gambit possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy, as well as a hypnotic charm. (Ya think!)
Just look at him. No, never mind, don't. I don't want to share.
Not that I'm entirely jumping ship. Wolverine will still have a place in my comic book reading heart. It's just that now I seem to have acquired a taste for cajun as well.
Can't wait to see Origins again


  1. Hi Kathye - I've been blogging for about three years( and still trying to get the hang of it myself. Having people blog with you is the game - one author in my former publisher's list had 1500 bloggers come to her site a month but I'm not sure how she did it - even after she told me. Nice site - looks very clean and professional - judi writing as Lynn Romaine (Long Run Home - due out 09/18/09 - TWRP)

  2. Very nice looking blog, Kathye!!

    I've been blogging both on my own and in groups. It's always hard to establish that rhthym of blogging on a regulart basis. On my personal blog, I usually talk about my writing, new covers, contracts, etc. On my group blog, I have to post at least one history blog a month about the Victorian era. The other blogs I'm a member of, are mostly for promo.

    It does get crazy at times! LOL

  3. Hi Kathye

    Great looking Blog, Kathye and I really like the sound of your book too, wonderful excerpt.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my own blog by the way, I value your comments.

    Best wishes with your writing and your Blog.

  4. I understand. I don't share either! Skhye

  5. Hi Kathye-
    The blog looks nice. I enjoyed the Synthia & Constantine excerpt.

    My husband took me to see Origins on Tuesday. I do so enjoy Hugh Jackman. Thumbs up. :D

  6. Hi Kathye, Wow! Did you say you were a novice at this? It looks great. Congratulations on your release and such a great review. I especially enjoyed your post on music.

  7. Your blog looks great Kathye!

  8. Hi Kathye,
    Wow. You are no novice. This is a great site.
    Congratulations. Ooh and like me, you love Hugh Jackman too.

  9. Nice job!! I'm new to blogging as well, and am impressed by how 'techno-savvy' some folks are! Mine is pretty simple and basic, but it's home! Yours has a lovely look and feel, and I like your blog, too! ;-)

  10. A beautiful cover for a beautiful person.

    You continue to inspire me and I could not have a better friend.

    I toast your continued success.

    Love ya

  11. All those words and no typos! Did you really write it?
    Of course, the style is pure Quick.

    You know how much I love ya, kiddo. Keep on bloggin'!!!!!