Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guyliner vs. the Guy next door

Hurrying to get this in, but I can't wait to see who wins American Idol tonight.
Adam has the voice (and the smile and the eyes)

Kris has the good looks and the shy smile you just want to kiss right off his face.

Adam would make a better Idol than Kris. I can't see Kris on tour. I can see him in a small venue packed with adoring fans though. His soft, cool sound is more atuned to that venue.

Adam - well he's just showy and noisy and really, really sexy at times. At others he's downright scary. Someday when he grows up he's going to be a very handsome man, with big holes in his earlobes. I guess that's what plastic surgeons are for.

Good luck Kris, Good luck Adam.

I like the bad boys, so Adam, it's me and you and Itunes!.

PS - Gay, not gay - who cares with that voice


  1. I wonder if Adam didn't win because so many people are homophobic, wouldn't that be a shame?
    Because he does have the better voice. The world never ceases to surprise me.In any case they both will be headed for stardom.

  2. Mary-

    I beleive you are so right on this one