Friday, May 15, 2009

I confess, I am a Reality Show Junkie

Somehow I got in to reality Shows. Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, Hells' Kitchen, American Idol (see also my book CYNTHIA AND CONSTANTINE), I love them all.

I think the right person won Hell's Kitchen and the wrong people came in first on the Amazing Race. I think Kris should have not made it to the finals and that Danny Gokey is much better. but let's face it, Adam's going to win American Idol.

I honestly thought about trying out for the Amazing Race. Had an audition video all plotted, but knew I couldn't get off the time I needed to participate. BTW my officemate knows Mirna and Charla from one of the season's of the Amazing Race, She even went to Mirna's wedding. Mirna says it's hard to have a camera follow you arounf 24/7. Yeah, well she should try to work in the public sector sometime. I bet I can top anything that happened to her. Do you know a lady called the other day and asked why the bank hasn't cashed her check yet? I work for the government for God's sake, not the Banking Oversight Committee.

Yet, I digress. While I love reality TV, know I would not made a good candidate for any of the shows. I hate eating bugs and being dirty, so I would vote myself off the Island at the first tribal council.

I can't sing, so ther goes American Idol.

I hate to cook - no Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen.

Top Model - maybe Top Plus-Size Model and I would have to bitch slap Tyra for some of the things she says to those poor skinny girls.

So I guess that leaves me with my real reality. The here and now.

Good, because I kinda like my life anyway.

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