Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I got yelled at today for not posting. I know, I know, but I'm busy. Then I paused and thought about who yelled. Irene. And then I thought - slow down. Enjoy.

Irene and I went to High School together back when we used to do the lessons on cave walls. Well, maybe not that far back, but far enough. We lost touch for a while, but since we reconnected, I don't know how I managed without her.

We write together, critique together, plot together (both our books and what we intend to do to the next editor who rejects one) and just laugh. She loves pointing out my typos, of which there are many, and I enjoy laughing about it because I usually think the post is perfect. It usually isn't.
She is the cynical voice of my conscience at times and the encourager of my evil deeds at others. If we were superheroes, I would be happy to be her sidekick and fight evil and bad people alongside her.

But now Irene is fighting the battle of her life. I wear a pink ribbon for her and think of her every day. And once again, she niggled my conscience and said if I was going to blog, I should blog.

And you're right, as usual, Irene. So this one is about you. I love you to the moon and back. Don't you dare go any where!


  1. Great Post, Kathye..You are both terrific ladies who are both sooo inspirational. :)


  2. Great post. Gave me goosebumps and has me wearing a huge grin. Hugs to Irene, because I know she will be checking up on you. Hugs to you to KQ.

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  3. This is by far the best post I've read in a while.

  4. Thanks, Kathye. Great to read this. Good friends are vital, even (especially) when they give us a kick in the pants. Hi Irene. I love you both.


  5. Great post Kathey--and cyber hugs to Irene whose pluck, humor and courage I admire so much. Friends are one of the essential elements of life; one that helps makes the journey worthwhile.

  6. Both of you - Kathye and Irene - are Poster Girls of how to get things done in spite of all the travails of "life". Anyone who knows either or both of you can't help but love and admire you. I do.

    Hugs and cybersmooches,

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  7. A wonderful post about a wonderful friend. Yes Irene is battling for her life, and we are battling with her. She is not alone.
    It's hard for her to do much writing, but I am confident she will get back to it.. and HOPEFULLY write loves scenes BEFORE the last chapter.

    But she's our own and we will love and support her with whatever she does.

  8. I love you guys!
    I'm feeling better today and blogged something very important on my own blog...something everybody ought to read and follow through with...not for yourself alone.
    Check it out
    Read the thing entitled Fuzzy, Friday, May 15th.