Monday, July 13, 2009

Having a pair of Jimmy Choo's on your Bucket Lists Can Be Dangerous

So I have this Bucket List. I think a lot of people my age do. I’m preparing to turn another decade so I made it about two months ago. I admit I cheated and put on some stuff I already did just so I could cross things off. Like going to Iceland, getting elected to public office and writing a book.

There are things on there I may never do like skydiving (too scared), mountain climbing (too old) and losing 100 pounds (too lazy). But there is also stuff that I might get around to doing like visiting Greece, getting a facelift and holding my grandchild.

But I’m getting off track.

So on my Bucket List is “buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.” I’m sure you all know what Jimmy Choo’s are, but if, like me, sometimes you hit the delete button in your mind for useless facts, Jimmy Choo’s are exclusive and expensive shoes that are instantly recognizable. The leather is rich and the heels are high, but Jimmy Choo is synonymous with the 'red carpet' shoe of choice and I had to have a pair. Only so I could cross out an entry on my Bucket List.

Who am I kidding? I just wanted them.

Finally I get a pair and I stuff my size 9’s into them and get in the car. Never mind that I can hardly push the gas pedal or the brake because the heel is so damn high. Never mind that at my age, my legs are not designed walk or balance on a spike the circumference of a pencil point. Never mind that I should be 30 years younger to be allowed to purchase a pair of these things. But no matter, I’m doing this.

I make it out of my car in the parking deck, over to the elevator, down to the first floor, across the lobby, up to the third floor and get to the door to my office suite. All I have to do now is get to my office and plop my butt in my chair and I’m home free. So what do I do? I lean forward and miss the door handle. My center of gravity shifts because I’m expecting to grab onto something solid and I fall flat on my ass, coffee flying over my shoulder, purse going one way, briefcase the other in front of everyone who works on my floor because they all happened to arrive at work at the same time for some reason.

And you know what, not one of them believes me when I tell them how it happened. They think it’s all because I fell off my Jimmy Choo’s.

I had to take the day off, fill out an incident report, go to the doctor, get x-rays and spend the rest of the day putting ice on every body part below my neck.

So now I have another entry on my Bucket List. Actually WEAR Jimmy Choo’s and not kill myself in them.


  1. Too funny! But you can wear them to book signings, can't you?
    Cris Anson

  2. The problem with these special shoes is that if someone is ignorant of just how special they are, or they don't bother to look at your feet but instead look at your face, the significance of them is completely lost.
    And how cool are they when nobody realizes how cool they're supposed to be????
    Remember Gloria Vanderbilt jeans?
    People had to look at your butt to tell if you were wearing them. I wore Wranglers back then.
    Wish I had a pair now.
    However, Kathye, I'm sure your legs look fantastic in your Jimmy Choos!

  3. Too funny Kathye! I hope you're okay.
    I have to be honest, I don't think I have ever had a designer anything!
    Never had the money to do it. And going to JC Penney's is an extravagance. I do have to admit I don't care about those things. I'm too old to even stand on the things. They'd need a winch to pick me up after the second or third fall.
    On my list is to someday, take a cruise, go to Ireland, replace my AC unit, buy a new stove and refrigerator etc. I surely am a bore!(grin)